PERIOD: 1st July – 8th August 2022


All entrants will feature & promote their Plantation Signature Cocktail for at least 5 weeks in their venue.
During this time, teams will be judged on how they showcase the cocktail in the venue, including social media content.
World Rum Day on 9th July can be a perfect occasion to push your Plantation Signature Cocktail.
Tag us in your social media posts: @plantationrumasiapacific #plantationrumcup2022

The Bar Team will be judged on original drink creation using Plantation Rum.

  • The cocktails recipe must be rum-based and include Plantation Rum as the dominant spirit;
  • No other rum brands to be included;
  • The recipe should contain commonly available ingredients. Commonly available ingredients are defined as those ingredients that are frequently available to ‘cocktail bars’ around the world;
  • It is prohibited to use ingredients that contain tobacco, any type of drug or psychotropic ingredients. All ingredients must be safe for consumption and contain no illicit substances please see for more information;
  • The recipe should contain no more than eight ingredients;
  • 2.5 standard drinks. Infusions are permitted. A 90ml sample of your infusion will need to be posted to the judges in Melbourne;
  • One entry per team

Plantation Signature cocktail has to be indicated and visible on the menu. Menu design and style are up to the Bar Team, but Plantation Rum logo has to appear on the created signature menu, as well as Plantation brand name mentioned on the menu.
Cocktail names chosen by Bar Teams may not include any element covered by a third party’s copyright or trademark or any retailer’s name, except that participants could use the Plantation brand in the name.
Bar Team participants need to ensure that cocktail names:

  • do not appeal to those below the legal drinking age;
  • do not emphasize or allude to the alcoholic strength or the alcohol effect of the drink;
  • do not suggest association with illicit drugs;
  • are not associated with bravado, dangerous or anti-social behaviour;
  • avoid any association with sex or sexual success;
  • avoid any association with sports, educational activities or civic/religious festivities;
  • do not imply any medicinal properties or values;
  • do not link to illegal, irresponsible or immoderate consumption and;
  • do not allude to enhanced mental or physical capabilities.



PERIOD: 1st July – 8th August 2022

CRITERIA: Bar Team will be judged on the below general criteria & receive points accordingly.

1 – Cocktail taste and appearance

2 – Creativity of entry and hosting

3 – Visibility of the Plantation brand and cocktail in the venue

4 – Cocktails sold since venue registration

5 – Visibility and promotion on social media

The highest final mark will determine the Bar Team Grand Finalists who will compete for the Grand Prize at Sydney Bar Week!

Bonus points – your Bar Team can receive bonus points for:

*Using a rum variant from the Plantation Signature Blend Range and/or Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Smoky Peated Formula

Signature Blend range includes Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry, Plantation Barbados 5 years, Plantation Isle of Fiji, and Plantation XO 20th Anniversary.

For more information on the Plantation Rum products CLICK HERE.

To even the playing field in regards to venue capacity – the cocktails sold will be determined based on a percentage of venue capacity.

A panel of judges will review the entries and select the Bar Team based on the above specific criteria.

One Bar Team in each region will be selected and entitled to go to the Grand Final in Sydney:

  • 5 Bar Team winners in Australia
  • 3 Bar Team winners in New Zealand

Participants (the Bar Teams) should expect to hear whether they have progressed to the following round via email at the address provided by 12th August 2022.

The judges’ decision is final, absolute and completely discretional, after which there is no appeal on the part of any competitor or third party.

Participants admitted to the Grand Final will be informed of all the details, via email, at an opportune time.

Selected finalists from New Zealand need to present a valid passport to enter Australia and should check eligibility requirements.

Dates, time and general progress of the Plantation Rum Cup might be updated based on COVID-19 regulations.



The Grand Final

Date & Time: Monday 5th September 2022

The Grand Final will be hosted during Sydney Bar Week where the Grand Finalist Australian & New Zealand Bar Teams will compete from 6 pm to 8 pm to take home the Plantation Rum Cup & the trip to Barbados.

Bar Teams will show their solidarity and demonstrate their Bar Teams skills working together during the Plantation Rum Cup.

Each finalist team will be rewarded:

– Return Flights & Accommodation from 4-6 September to Sydney

– Opportunity to attend any events held at Sydney Bar Week