Bar Team competitors should be cordial and friendly towards other competitors. Any participant that demonstrates the opposite and/or aggressive behaviour towards their competitors will be disqualified.

Those who use inadequate techniques or promote unhygienic standards will be disqualified immediately.

All competitors must have good and proper behaviours throughout the different phases and challenges. They should act as great representatives of the Plantation Rum brand.


Plantation Rum and its distributor Proof & Company, reserve the right to use the cocktail recipe created for any stage of the challenge in its publications and marketing materials during the Plantation Rum Cup and after.
Bar Teams competing grant Plantation Rum and event organizers the right to the images and understand that they may be used in future marketing materials.


The final decisions from the judges are exclusively theirs and are non-negotiable. The result will be based 100% on the criteria drawn up by the expert’s panel.

Terms & Conditions

  1. ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK RELATING TO COVID-19: each entrant acknowledges that they are aware of the inherent risks associated with their participation in the trip to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (“Grand Final”) and Barbados (“Winners Prize”) including, but not limited to the potential for illness or death from infectious diseases, including but not limited to COVID-19. By participating in the Grand Final and Winners Prize, each entrant assumes all such risks, including but not limited to, the risks associated with infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. This includes costs associated with quarantine or isolation including but not limited to hotel fees, loss of income or rebooking flights. Entrants may withdraw from the Competition at any time upon giving notice to the Promoter.
  1. Information on how to Enter and Prizes form part of the Terms & Conditions of Entry. Entry into this competition is deemed acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. The Promoter is Proof & Company. The Promoter is committed to the responsible consumption and promotion of alcohol.
  1. Entry is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand over the age of 18 employed permanently in a hospitality venue, as of the date of entry.
  1. This is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner
  1. Entrants must follow the method of entry. Failure to do so will result in an invalid entry. The Promoter does not need to advise an Entrant if their entry is deemed invalid.
  1. Grand Final Prize includes flights and accommodation to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, from one of the competing cities and expenses are covered in activities hosted by the Promoter between the Grand Final dates, as outlined in the Winner Announcement by the Promoter.
  1. Winners Prize includes flights and accommodation to Barbados, from one of the competing cities and expenses are covered in activities hosted by the Promoter between the Grand Final dates, as outlined in the Winner Announcement by the Promoter.
  1. Grand Final and Winner’s Prize does not include travel insurance, travel documents, meals, or any other costs of a personal nature. Compliance with any health, travel insurance, or other government requirements is the responsibility of the winners. Failure to comply with this will deem the winner’s entry invalid and the entrant will forfeit the prize. The Promoter makes no representation as to the safety, conditions or other issues that may exist as part of the travel or at the destination.
  1. Entries received will be considered final by the Promoters. Entries which are incomplete, inaccurate, erroneous, illegible, inappropriate, offensive, incomprehensible, or which damage intellectual property will be excluded.
  1. The Promoter’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into
  1. The Promoter takes no responsibility where it is unable to contact prize winners who have not provided correct or complete contact details. If an entrant’s contact details change during the promotional Period, it is the entrant’s responsibility to notify the Promoter. A request to modify any entry information should be directed to the Promoter.
  2. It is a condition of accepting any prize that the winner must comply with all conditions of use of the prize and the prize supplier’s requirements. Each prize must be taken as stated and no compensation will be payable if a winner is unable to use the prize as stated.
  3. If the regional Winner does not accept any element of the Grand Final or Winners Prize, the Promoter is not obliged to provide the Prize Winners with a substitute prize. The next positioned competitor from the region will be promoted to fill the vacant position.
  4. If the regional Winner team during the period between being announced as the winner and undertaking the prize ceases to be employed as a bartender or hospitality professional, they will no longer be eligible as the region winner and the second-place winner will be appointed the region winner.
  5. All entries become the property of the Promoter. As a condition of entering this Promotion, entrants agree to assign all their rights in and to their entry and any related content to the Promoter, including any copyright or other intellectual property rights in the entry and related content. Without limiting this, the Promoter may use entry content for all purposes including commercial purposes. You warrant that entry content is original, lawful, and not misleading and that the Promoter’s use of such content will not infringe the rights of any third parties. The entrant agrees to indemnify the Promoter against all claims and costs by third parties arising from a breach of the warranty set out in this condition.